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With radical decarbonisation targets for 2020 looming, the energy industry is undergoing a significant transition. Long gone are the days of centralised supply, fossil fuels and power stations. Today, the key industry buzzwords are decarbonisation, decentralisation and flexibility.

But with change comes opportunity. Cogeneration, for example, is one area positioned as a breakthrough technology capable of avoiding network losses and minimising emissions – a highly sustainable long-term energy solution.

Here at CooperOstlund, we’re passionate about the industry we work in and have spent time analysing its rapid development. In the following sector reports, we discuss how cogeneration is disrupting our national energy landscape, explore best practice CHP examples and advise how you can take advantage of the opportunities decarbonisation presents. To read each document, simply enter your details and download the PDF.

Max Power

In this sector report, we explore how – with the correct information and impartial guidance – it’s possible to maximise cogeneration performance in the long-term.

Letting go of the Grid

In this sector report, we explore the business case for decentralised power, as well as the technology you can implement now to future-proof your energy needs.

District Heating

In this sector report, we explore the potential for district heating in the UK, its exponential projected growth and the role government must play in guaranteeing a smooth roll-out.

Moving with the Times

In this sector report, we explore the financial and sustainable benefits of embracing blended energy – as well as discussing how best to maximise return.

Embracing Change

In this sector report, we explore the opportunities presented by harnessing the value in organic waste. From AD to waste water, we discuss how rethinking resources is commercialising the circular economy.

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