Short Term
Operating Reserve

Short Term Operating Reserve came about because at certain times of the day Nation Grid needs reserve power in the form of either generation or demand reduction to be able to deal with actual demand being greater than forecast demand and / or plant availability.

Where it is economic to do so, National Grid will procure part of this requirement ahead of time through STOR.

STOR projects are required to fulfil a number of criteria –

  • Ability to deliver at least 3MW of reserve.
  • Deliver full MW within a specified time of receiving instruction from the National Grid
  • Recovery period of no more than 20 hours between separate runs
  • Provide full MW for at least 2 hours when instructed
  • Availability to provide STOR at least 3 times per week if required.

STOR is procured via competitive tender with three tender rounds per year.  There is an availability payment and a payment for the energy produced.

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