Gas To Grid

The right
solution for
your AD plant
that converts
the biogas produced.

The gas to grid process upgrades biogas which is produced by organic waste in an AD plant, to pipeline quality gas which can then be injected and exported into the gas grid.

Injection of Biomethane into the gas grids is happening across Europe.  The market is growing more than 25% every year in Sweden, Switzerland, Austria, Germany and the Netherlands.

Biomenthane is well established, transporting this gas to consumers via the existing gas grids within Europe is being promoted by the EU in its Renewable Energy Directive.

As specialist providers of gas to grid technology, CooperOstlund offer the right solution for your AD plant that converts the biogas produced into grid ready supply.

Our project planners take business type, site size and energy requirements into close consideration before advising a solution to precisely meet the customer’s needs, so regardless of project scope, CooperOstlund can provide the consultancy and advisory services to deliver the perfect projects.  Right first time – making energy easy.

CooperOstlund offers full turnkey biogas to grid technology.