CooperOstlund, the leading provider of CHP installation, maintenance and optimisation services, has signed the Anaerobic Digestion and Bioresources Association’s (ADBA) industry climate declaration.

The extensive document, which has been submitted to the Climate Change Committee (CCC), outlines the industry’s commitment to reducing UK emissions by 6% (before 2030) through realising the full potential of anaerobic digestion. To achieve this milestone, the government has been urged to implement the following supportive policy changes:

By co-signing the declaration, CooperOstlund not only offers its full support, but also commits to delivering long-term investment, creating green jobs and working in close partnership with the wider supply chain to inspire a thriving biogas industry capable of realising its true sustainability ambitions.

Johan Ostlund, director of CooperOstlund and member of the ADBA Advisory Board, commented: “A recent report from the World Biogas Association (WBA) found that the AD industry can single-handedly cut global emissions by 10%. However, in order to capture and treat all readily available organic feedstocks, it’s up to each country to deliver its full potential.

“Two things are essential for the UK to achieve this ambition – a supportive policy environment and long-term government commitment. ADBA’s climate declaration urges policy changes to be made, which will help the industry to flourish.”

To read the UK AD and Biogas Industry Climate Declaration, visit