CooperÖstlund has recently completed an E70 64,000-hour overhaul of an MWM 2020 V12 for valued customer, AEL Biogas. The overhaul was completed within the forecast timeframe, utilising a service exchange short block engine supplied by MWM via CooperÖstlund’s German service partner and original equipment supplier, ETW.

The complete genset was removed from site and transported to CooperÖstlund’s Northampton workshop where it was completely stripped and inspected. The new short block engine was then installed in the cleaned and repainted frame and built up with new and overhauled components. The serviced and inspected alternator was refitted to the frame, reconnected with new coupling and laser aligned, and the complete genset was then rewired with new ignition rails and electrical components. Finally, it was returned to site and reinstalled within the CHP container.

While the genset was in the workshop being rebuilt, maintenance tasks were carried out on the ancillary equipment onsite to include overhaul of the gas booster, cleaning of the table cooler, replacement of container and control panel filters, overhaul of the water pumps, servicing of the sync breaker, and cleaning and painting of the inside of the engine container to ensure continued efficient operation of the CHP once back in commercial operation.

Following completion of the commissioning, AD Plant Manager Mark Wallis gave positive feedback, complimenting CooperÖstlund on the way the CHP now looked and performed, and how well the job was carried out by the CooperÖstlund team.