With FiTs subsidy degressions looming, Ixora partnered with CooperOstlund to deliver nine separate gas engine installations in less than three months at sites across the south west of England. Despite preliminary accreditation fixing rates, commissioning deadlines were just weeks away.

Speed, accuracy, technical expertise and attention to detail were imperative – not only to the project’s success, but to the long-term profitability of each facility.


Sourced via Austrian-based IED, each engine was perfectly specified to meet the requirements of each individual site. As soon as each engine was delivered, CooperOstlund arrived on site immediately. This ensured that the team could quickly install, calibrate and commission each engine while having minimal impact on the wider build.

A tight-knit partnership was essential to ensure the project’s smooth running. While planning was key, consideration and understanding of other project variables was essential. A delay in something as simple as fabrication or a missing part could dramatically impact commissioning timescales.


Technical know-how, experience and understanding ensured a right-first-time approach, meaning each of the nine engines were effectively commissioned ahead of deadline – thus fixing subsidy rates and maximising profitability for the operator.

Since completing the project, CooperOstlund has continued to support the Ixora Energy team with planning, installation and maintenance projects across the UK.

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