During project planning for its 34,000-tonne per annum gas to grid (G2G) food waste recycling facility in Tewkesbury, Andigestion decided that the new site should operate completely independently from the grid. This meant that no mains power (electricity or gas) would be used on site. Instead, the plant was to be completely self-sufficient – effectively repurposing the energy it created.


CooperÖstlund was appointed to specify and install a 350 kW, 8-cylinder CHP engine. Working alongside G2G technology, this would convert a nominal percentage of the captured biogas into electricity, which would be used to power the site’s lighting, de-packaging plant, air compressors and water pumps, with all surplus electricity sold back to the National Grid.


Following the site’s official opening, Andigestion has continued to operate using self-generated renewable electricity and heat, while exporting surplus biomethane to the National Gas Grid. Furthermore, the facility is now one of the only AD sites in the country to boast ‘island mode’ – meaning that it can continue to operate even in the event of the National Grid going down.

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