With a continuous supply of cost-effective electricity and heat essential to the smooth running of daily operations, more and more hospitals nationwide are looking towards on-site sustainable energy generation to guarantee complete peace of mind.


North Devon NHS Trust is no different, having invested in an 800kWe MWM TCG2016V16 combined heat and power (CHP) engine at one of its leading hospitals.

When it came to reviewing and renewing the engine’s O&M agreement, the hospital’s outsourced facilities management team decided to switch suppliers and approached CooperOstlund for a more flexible solution. Renowned for its skilled engineering team, impartial consultancy and experience with almost every make and model of gas engine, a bespoke O&M package from CooperOstlund was deemed to be the perfect solution.


CooperOstlund took over the contract in April 2019 and has managed O&M for the engine ever since. Alongside weekly maintenance provision and remote engine monitoring, the agreement also includes routine engine logs and checks.

A few days into the contract, however, the data log highlighted several unusual trips on the engine. Following a full audit of the system, the cause was found to be grid connectivity issues linked to a highly sensitive circuit breaker in the site’s wider electrical infrastructure (outside of the CHP area).

The disruption to the engine was compromising efficiencies and resulting in unnecessary wear and tear. To overcome the issue, engineers quickly sourced and installed a replacement breaker. Since doing so, the engine has continued to perform almost faultlessly, and the data log hasn’t reported any further unexpected trips.


Over the past 12 months, the engine has been operating at close to 97% uptime (with only planned servicing downtime preventing this figure from being higher). CooperOstlund’s engineering team visit the site weekly and any areas of concern are quickly addressed.

For more information, or if you’d like to speak with one of our technical experts, we’d be happy to help!