Partnership Overview

To ensure optimum solutions, quality and value for money for our customers we source our engines, components and parts from the highest quality suppliers.

By forming long-lasting business partnerships’, we lead the way in quality and service.

Also we are proud to be the appointed sole UK supplier for some of the best known names in European AD and CHP.

IET Partnership

First there’s IET Energy GmbH in Austria, who supply CHP engines of outstanding quality which in many instances utilize European manufacturing Standards which are far more stringent and robust than required by UK Standards.

As IET’s UK distributor we provide many customer benefits such as:

  • Low power production cost: Producing power and heat at the same time reduces the energy cost by up to 60%.
  • Low investment cost: Compared to other power plants the investment into CHP plants are very low.
  • Decentralized power production: CHP plants generate the energy at the location where it is needed. This eliminates the costs for using the grid.
  • Standby operation: A CHP plant can keep the operation running and continue to supply power and heat even with a mains failure.
  • Low emissions: CHP plants reduce the emission of CO2.

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ETW Partnership

Then there’s ETW Energietechnik GmbH in Germany.

Their core business is CHP plants. Their added value services comprise of:

  • Ideas and creativity
  • quality and service
  • technical know-how
  • innovative power
  • customer-oriented

Which together enable ETW to be an efficient player in the marketplace for self-sufficient energy supplies. All their customers’ expect environmentally friendly and economical energy generation. Qualified employees, expertise and many years of experience form the basis for their sophisticated solutions for utilising regenerative and fossil fuels such as biogas, landfill gas, sewage gas and other special gases as well as natural gas and mine gas. ETW also offer “Gas to Grid” solutions

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