Wastewater Treatment

Did you know that the organic matter in raw wastewater contains almost 10 times the energy needed to treat it?

Energy efficiency in water and wastewater facilities translates into substantial savings not only for water companies but also for the taxpayer.  Installing a CHP at a wastewater treatment site can provide cost saving benefits with a typical payback of 12-18 months, whist also being environmentally friendly.

During the wastewater treatment process facilities in the UK generate more than two million tonnes of sludge every year.  As traditional disposal means are prohibited by law, companies are looking towards innovative solutions to deal with this unavoidable by-product, one of which is the generation of energy through the AD process.  AD not only generates energy from the sludge but it also reduces the solids content by up to 30%, therefore reducing the energy costs involved in its transportation.

CooperÖstlund Ltd works with waste water treatment businesses nationwide taking precise requirements into consideration to advise a bespoke energy and cost saving solution.

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The way we pump, treat, clean and heat water has profound implications for energy use. The water industry is a major-energy user, and together with domestic hot water use, there's a carbon impact here that simply has to be tackled.

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